Monday, November 24, 2008

The trouble with being almost 8 months old.


My poor boy's face :( He's teething (well, he's been teething for MONTHS) and the drool is just over the top. There's so much of it that it's chapped his cheeks a bit. I'm constantly wiping his face with a soft cloth and I even put lotion on it - doesn't seem to be helping too much. We have ZERO teeth to show for all of this, too.

See the little red mark under the eye there? He's just mastered sitting up - he still falls occasionally, but he does it gracefully. There's very little "thudding" anymore, where he just falls backward and cracks his melon. He's now trying to get into the crawling position from a sitting position. His feet get caught though and he usually falls face first. Unfortunately, it was the exersaucer that he fell face first into this time. I was certain he'd have a black eye this morning - fortunately, I was wrong.

Teething, learning to crawl, etc. - it's tough being almost 8 months old :)


Michelle said...

aaawww look at your almost-8-month old cutie! It's hard when they become mobile and get all those cuts, bumps, and bruises!