Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Lord....

I pray thanks for another beautiful day in your creation. I pray thanks for a cold, blustery fall day - a day that we were able to spend together, inside. I pray thanks for the clothes on our backs, the food in our bellies and the roof over our heads. I pray thanks for the "extra" blessings we receive every day - games of checkers, playing on the computer, fires in a fireplace, a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I pray thanks for warm pajamas, comfy beds and security. I pray thanks for choosing me to be the mother of these 3 sweet little boys. I pray thanks for sending me Brian when I was at my lowest point in life and I pray thanks for 7 wonderful years with him. I pray thanks for friends and family that love us and the love we share as a family.

I pray that you be with the people who need you most tonight, Lord - the people who have no food or shelter or warmth. I pray you lift them up, close to you and show them the way. I pray you find your way into the hearts of my family members that don't know you - please keep them close to you and show them your way. I pray that our government makes the best choice for our automakers and its employees.

Lord - I pray thanks for my life!

In your name,