Monday, November 24, 2008


It's funny - I always wake with the best of intentions on Mondays. Most of the time, I fall short of my expectations because, well, it's Monday and I didn't really want the weekend to end, so I'm fighting it.

But, I can't fall short this week - I have far too much to do. Pray for me, people. I need drive and in a bad, bad way.

I have 3 UBER cute Advent calendars to finish, so I can send 2 of them to my SIL and my sister before next week - December 1st, is next week...ACK!?!?

I have to plan my MOPS Christmas party.

I have to finish my Christmas shopping - Christmas shopping AFTER Thanksgiving is less than an enjoyable experience for me. It must get done NOW.

I have a mountain of laundry to attack. Ick.

Here's to a productive week for y'all, too :)


Amanda: said...

What kind of advent calendars do you make? We have a vintage one from Avon that we used when I was little, and since I was the first one to have kiddos of my own, I swiped it from my mom's house to use with my kids :)

Good luck getting your stuff done!!!