Friday, August 8, 2008

The PGA Championship - my boy's own little private heaven!

Will's entire world revolves around sports - doesn't matter the sport either. We can take him to any major (or minor even) sporting event and he becomes so engrossed in it that he pays no attention to what is going on around him. He watches the entire game, from start to finish and asks a million questions along the way. He'll tell us when he's hungry or when he needs to use the bathroom, but other than that, he won't move....for hours....

My husband won week long passes to the PGA Championship in a raffle a few months ago. We'd been prepping both big boys for weeks now on proper etiquette at a golf course, especially one like Oakland Hills CC and how important it is to BE QUIET and USE INSIDE VOICES EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE OUTSIDE, etc. etc.

Jake lasted all of 10 minutes on Monday - he was hot, he was tired and he was thirsty and we literally had been there 10 minutes. We vowed he wouldn't go again and he was good with He even asked to go to the babysitter on Wednesday! We took Will again on Wednesday and he got loads of autographs and a few golf balls from different caddies.

He and his daddy went again this morning - since it's the 2nd round and "this one counts" (it's not just practice - all of this according to Will), they wanted to be there early. Will comes barreling through our bedroom door at 5:30 this morning, so excited he could barely contain himself and said, "Mommy, we're leaving now. We'll be gone all day!". He was giddy and I barely got my "I love you, be a good boy and have a GREAT time" out of my mouth before he was running downstairs to meet Brian to leave.

If any of you watch golf and you watch it today - if there's coverage from the 12th green and you hear a 5 year old male voice scream, "GET IN THE HOLE" - that's my boy :)



Michelle said...

what a neat experience! and getting all those autographs too!