Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mama time

We do the same thing every morning. I feed Henry and when he's done, I plop him in his exersaucer to hang for a while, while I make my coffee, get the big boys their chocolate milk, start some laundry, etc. etc. The big boys will sit on the floor by the exersaucer and talk to Henry, make him smile and push the buttons on the exersaucer to make some noise. Henry loves that time with his brothers and his brothers love it, too.

This morning, after I got everyone everything they needed, I started to clean the house. Eventually, Henry had had enough of the exersaucer AND his brothers and just wanted to be held. It was nap time, so we headed to his room and I put him down in his crib - the same way I always do it.

He started to fall asleep, but woke a minute later and started crying. I headed up to him and picked him up. We sat in the rocker and snuggled together and within seconds, he was asleep. My boy just needed some quiet mama time and I realized then, that I needed Henry time. It needed to be just the two of us. We both needed the quietness and I needed to realize that life goes by SO, SO quickly. It's time for me to slow down.

I'm amazed at the lessons a baby can teach.


The Broken Man said...

I'm really looking forward to some of those lessons (others - not so much!)

The Broken Man