Thursday, July 3, 2008

Remember those funky purple highlights?

You can't see them :(

I had my spa afternoon yesterday and it was HEAVENLY! I got 4 1/2 hours all to myself (almost 1 of that was spent wandering around Michael's!).

I got a GREAT haircut, but my hair is SO dark (thanks to my Italian/Native American heritage) that the purple highlights are super hard to see. You practically have to be crawling around in my hair to see them - good luck with

So, I'll try something else next time. I very much enjoyed my time alone, but missed my babies terribly and was happy to be home. My biggest boy had his first sleepover at a friend's house last night and it was a smashing success. I kept the phone beside the bed just in case ;) He's still there now and it's 12:30 in the afternoon! Jake has been enjoying the one on one time and I'm sure will greet his brother with mixed feelings....he'll be happy to have a playmate, but miss his one on one time.

We're off to get Jake's haircut in a few and hopefully pick Will up along the way - I miss him terribly. All of this will happen after the repairman leaves - we're having leaking water issues in the basement and having to sink crazy amounts of money into this house is making my stomach turn a bit.


Jodi said...

Darn!! I wanted to see the highlights,oh well! Good luck with your leaky issues! We are trying to do it all ourselves to save some money! As much as my hubby hates having his father help, it is a huge help to us!

Have a great weekend!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I had the same problem when I tried to go purple! But, next time my stylist bleached out the area and we did a very vibrant blue. It seemed to work. Still fun either way- at least YOU know it's there! : )