Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Live from.....

my new laptop! I lurve this thing. It's SO much faster than my old one AND it has all its keys...lol Jake pulled 3 keys off my old one and it was really hard to use the letters N, G and O. I'll be off to bed in a few minutes, but wanted to test it out and play for a few minutes.

Today is the start of week #2 of the SBD. I'll admit it - I'm struggling. This no carb bit is HARD. I long for some crackers, or some bread sticks or pasta or something. I'm down 4 1/2 lbs. now, so I won't cheat - I refuse. The boys and I were with friends today and all the kids were eating junk while playing outside - Doritos, Combos, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Pop-Tarts and while the smell of EVERYTHING was very enticing, I kept my paws off. I sat with my Diet Coke and watched them eat every last crumb. One more week....one more week....I add some good carbs back in my diet in one week.

The removal of my internal girly parts is scheduled and I'm VERY excited about that! I've been struggling with very painful periods and related issues since the age of 12 - I've had enough. I'm done having children and will need this surgery eventually anyway, so I should just have it done now and relieve myself of the pain and issues that get worse after every baby for me. I do believe I might start a little countdown ticker. My dear husband will be working from home for the 2 weeks that I need to sit on my butt after the surgery. Maybe I'll learn to knit or something to pass the time....

The schmoog has decided that sleeping through the night is highly overrated and I'll admit that I'm struggling with this, too. The boy teased me for 2 months - 2 months of beautiful sleep. Now, we're back to sleeping like a newborn - ICK! Me no like sleep deprivation. I'd probably give birth to 20 children if I had a guarantee that they'd sleep through the night from day 1 on. I can handle the temper tantrums, exploding diapers, etc. etc. I.just.can't.handle.no.sleep. I really, really like to sleep.

And on that note, I'm going to do just that before little bit wakes up!


Amanda: said...

LOL! I love the sleep deprivation comments - that is EXACTLY how I feel! I can handle everything else that mommyhood has to offer, but I need to have my sleep. I'm just no good to anybody when I'm tired!!

WTG sticking to your guns - you'll be so glad you did when you finally get "there"!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness. First of all I am so jealous of your new laptop. And then I really hope your surgery goes well. I recommend knitting- it's great therapy!