Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dude, where's my car?!?

I've been asking that question for almost 2 weeks now. You might want to grab a cup of coffee and relax for a bit - this one might take a while.

We are required, by contract, to buy a new vehicle every 4 years (my husband is in the company car program - he works for GM). We did what they call a "Drive and Buy". We order the car we want and it becomes my husband's company car for 3 months. During this time, we put as many miles on the car as we can - this will help lower the price of the car when it's our time to "buy" it. Then, we turn it back in to vehicle operations at GM, the dealership we choose to "buy" the car from comes to pick it up, then they call us to seal the deal. Get that?

Some not very nice person put a very deep scratch in the passenger side door of "the car" the day before my husband turned it in. We find out that the scratch must be fixed before I'm able to get the car, so the dealership has to fix it (not with my money, fortunately!).

Here's what I was told:

July 17th or 18th - I will get the car.

Nope, that won't happen - need to fix the scratch. It might take up to a week, but we're hoping it won't take that long.

July 24th will be THE LATEST you'll get your car. That day comes and goes - no car.

Then, we hear that the car will be done late Friday and at the latest, Monday (yesterday). My husband had to call the dealership 4 TIMES to talk to the salesperson. Needless to say, I still don't have my car. We got and are still getting the runaround from the salesperson AND the GM of the dealership.

I JUST WANT MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, I still have my beloved mini-van that we had detailed a month ago - I'm scared to drive it because I don't want to mess it up. I'm tired of putting gas in it every few days - I don't want to fill it up and then turn it back into the dealership with a full tank of gas. But, I HATE putting gas in it every 2 or 3 days.