Thursday, April 16, 2009

So, yeah, THAT was fun!

Life hasn't been remotely interesting - that's why I haven't been here. Well, that, and Easter and family visiting.

So, my mom left on Sunday - we hung out as a family all day and it was lovely! I packed for our mini vacation. You might want to grab a cup of coffee or something to snack on - this is gonna be a long one.

We left Monday morning - our destination was 3 hours away. We got things situated when we arrived and B took the big boys downstairs to swim for a bit. I thought I'd put H down for a nap and enjoy the peace and quiet. I got the hotel crib set up - put it where he couldn't see me. I put him in it, just like I'd do at home - he stood up and screamed bloody murder. NOT. LIKE. HIM. at all. So, after 30 minutes or so, we headed downstairs to see B and the big boys - I saw no sense in keeping the poor kid up there if he wasn't going to sleep.

He headed out to explore about 45 minutes later - H fell asleep in the car almost immediately (he never does that either). He slept for about 25 minutes. We had dinner and headed to the mall that was near our hotel - they had a GREAT play area for itty bitty ones like H. He crawled around like a mad man for a good 40 minutes - I thought that would be a perfect thing to tire him out. Not so much.

We went back to the hotel and B gave him a bath. I brought everything from home to keep the routine the same. After his milk, I put him down in the crib and he stood up and screamed bloody murder. Again, not like him at all. My wonderful husband did everything in his power to get this kid to go to sleep. He walked, he sang, he bounced, he ignored. NOTHING worked. By 10:45 p.m., we knew that this child wasn't going to sleep and if he did, he'd wake numerous times. So, we packed up and came home!

We drove 3 hours to eat dinner at Red Lobster, look at Lake Michigan, go to the mall and swim in hotel pool. We got home at 2 a.m. I put H down in his crib and he rolled over and went to sleep. He slept until 9:30. Turd.

So, we decided to take the lemons we'd been given and make some lemonade. We had a STAYcation instead of a vacation! On Tuesday, we headed to a local outlet mall and B and the big boys played indoor glow golf while H and I walked around. Yesterday, we went to a Tigers game - H's first Tigers game. He was less than impressed, but I was in heaven. My beloved Detroit Tigers won 9 to nothing. I'd go to every home game if my wallet would allow it. Our spring and summer date nights are always Tigers games. Always. I wouldn't have it any other way.

B went back to work today - boo. Will has a few days left of spring break - we're headed to the park tomorrow with some friends. Today was going to be a garage saling day, but H isn't feeling too well. J has tball practice this afternoon, so we're going to lay low today. The windows are open and we're enjoying the fresh air. It's a gorgeous day!


Amanda: said...

I'm so bummed you weren't here long enough to meet up! But, I'm glad to hear H was back to his normal routine as soon as you pulled into the driveway, lol.

Next time FOR SURE!

Holly said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! :)