Monday, December 1, 2008

Deeeeeeeeeeetroit Basketball

My husband played in a golf tournament a few months ago. His foursome won :) The prize was a suite at the Palace of Auburn Hills to watch the Pistons play.

We went yesterday and had so much fun. We didn't tell the big boys until they were getting dressed - it was like Christmas morning for them :) We stopped for lunch on the way (to save money on the food there because we all know that food in any kind of stadium, venue, etc. is terribly overpriced and not that tasty anyway). We had a great time watching the game (well, the boys/men watched - the women chit chatted for most of the game. I LOVE sports, but basketball is way low on the totem pole for me). The weather was horrible - snow/rain crud and it was COLD. We stopped to eat on the way home and had a yummy dinner at Red Robin. Henry didn't nap at all during the day, but he was such a gem. He was so happy and content - not at all something I expected to see because of the lack of sleep. He was just fabulous :)

My bebes :)


All my men :)


Henry and his mama :)