Sunday, October 26, 2008

Answered prayers

Every night, as I'm rocking Henry for bed, I say my prayers. I pray thanks for every blessing He's given me AND us, from the food in our bellies to the safe travels we had that day.

I also pray that He finds His way into the hearts of my family members who don't know Him. I've been praying for this for months. It makes me sad that there are children in my family (not my immediate family) who don't know Jesus. I always pray that He can show them the way He wants their life to be. I pray that He shows them the blessings they receive every day.

The other day, I was speaking to my mom. She and another family member had gone shopping that day. This other family member asked for a Nativity scene for Christmas - this is one of the family members I'd been praying for. I immediately looked up and praised Him! I knew He had been at work and my heart soared.

I'm hoping this nativity scene is just the beginning for my family member. I hope she chooses to show her family how much Jesus loves her and her family. That would be such a great Christmas present for me.


Michelle said...

that does sound like an answered prayer!