Monday, June 23, 2008


This is my first time doing this! I can't wait to get some new recipes because to be quite honest, I'm bored stiff with what I cook every week. This is an easy week for me this week - the hubs is away for work until Wednesday evening, so we're going to meet him for dinner tonight. I only need to feed me and the 2 biggest munchkins tomorrow night and then on Friday, the hubs and I are going out - YaY!

Monday - out to dinner.
Tuesday - boys are having kid cuisines and I'm having a frozen dinner - give me the mom of the year award, please.
Wednesday - french toast with sausage
Thursday - grilled hot dogs with chili, macaroni and cheese and corn
Friday - hubs and I are away for the night - kids will eat pizza/breadsticks and my AWESOME babysitter will try to give them carrots and dip, too.

Next week probably won't be much better because the hubs is on vacation and we're trying to plan little day trips here and there.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to MPM. I use my crockpot quite bit.... Looks like a good week.

Lora said...

Hi! Glad to see you at MPM.
I love breakfast for dinner--your French toast sounds yummy!
I have some good recipes posted this week, if you're looking for some new ones. Come on by!

Bobbie said...

Welcome to MPM! I know you will really enjoy it here- I too am so bored for dinner- having the same old thing- thats what is so good about MPM- so many good ideas from others.

Jennifer said...

Your menu sounds great. And we eat those frozen meals around here sometimes too! I certainly don't think that makes for a less-than-great mom!
Have a blessed week!♥

Homesteader in Training said...

Welcome to MPM. It's fun checking out everyones meal plans. On busy nights I find that my crockpot is my best friend.Hope to see what's cooking next week.