Thursday, June 26, 2008

One day closer.....

I've been SO looking forward to tomorrow for a while now.

My AWESOME sitter is spending the night at our home, to watch our 3 munchkin men, so the hubs and I can have a full night AWAY....OUT of the house....for the WHOLE night! I'm almost giddy over it. We're heading to the Tigers game tomorrow night and then to the Buick Open on Saturday morning. We went last year and had loads o' fun. I can't wait :) I'm able to relax about this whole "leaving my babies" thing, too because my sitter is wonderful. My older boys LOVE her - I mean "love her" like when she walks in the door, they quickly send us out! There are no tears when Mommy and Daddy leave for the evening. They practically push us out the door. This is my first time leaving the schmoog overnight - I'm a bit nervous about that, but trust her completely. I'm sure I'll call or text her several hundred times to check on him. I'm going to miss my extra appendage <3

AND....I get to crop tonight with a friend for several hours....out in public....with other a store that has incredibly good stuff. I've been surrounded by munchkin men for 3 straight days, with no hubs. He's been SO busy with work and we've been flying solo here. I've hit the brick wall and am in desperate need for some adult time with friends - I get that tonight!

AND....hubs informed me last night that he's sending me away to a swanky hotel for a night next week - YAY! YAY! YAY! I looked it up last night and it looks wonderful. I'll be sure to take pictures of my day/evening alone.

Schmoog is taking a nap, the big boys are still sleeping - I'm off to get my scrapbooking stuff together :)


~Amber~ said...

Oooooohhhh, hope you have an awesome awesome time!! WOOHOO!!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a fun weekend for you!!!

I want my hubby to send me to a hotel for a night!! Lucky you!