Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reli On Temple Touch Thermometer (review and giveaway)

{Disclaimer - I was selected by MomSelect to review this product and was given an extra thermometer to give away.}

Germs started taking over our house this week, so I figured I'd found the perfect opportunity to try the Reli On Temple Touch Thermometer! Henry (17 months) came down with a fever recently and his energy was zapped. He spent lots of time resting on my lap and this thermometer was perfect for taking his temperature then. It's lightweight, but sturdy and it took his temperature quickly - we had a reading in less than 10 seconds! The digital display is clear and easy to read, too.

I would highly recommend this thermometer for older children more than the younger ones. Stillness is necessary to get an accurate reading and as moms know, it's much easier to get older children to sit still. Henry was quite ill, so getting him to sit still was relatively easy. Now that he's feeling better, I'm sure it would be much, much harder to get a good read.

Overall, it's a great product!

Now, here's your chance to win one! Leave a comment, tell me about your family! I will choose a winner Saturday morning, September 26th. Good luck!!


Jodi said...

So glad Henry is feeling better!!!

Amanda: said...

That is WAY cool! We are still stuck on the "thermometer under the armpit" that we had to do when Josh was in chemo, lol!

Kristie said...

We only have a standard digital thermometer that we've use on both our little ones, but this one sounds SO much better. It seems like it would be much more reliable than an under the arm temp.

khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Michelle said...

you don't have to enter me (I just won this from another blogger!) but glad to know you had a positive experience using it too.

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