Tuesday, September 8, 2009

20 minutes

of tears (from me, not the kids). My boy is now officially a kindergartner. My biggest boy is now a 2nd grader.

That shirt screamed Jake's name from the shelf at The Children's Place on Sunday. I absolutely HAD to buy it - it's his personality - fun and funky. As we were picking out clothes for the 1st day of school, it was between this shirt and a Spongebob one. I was so happy to see him pick this one. It just makes me smile. He makes me smile. It's been too quiet around here today - my newest sidekick has been wandering around, looking for his brothers. I've been able to get some things done, without breaking up fights.

Will was so sweet and helpful to Jake this morning - it's always nice to see that side of their relationship. I will say that I see it much more than I thought I would. I always imagined boys just wanting to beat each other up, tattle on each other and just bug each other. While that does happen (often), the sweeter, kinder side of them shines through a lot. It makes me feel like we're
doing something right.


Amanda: said...

Awww!! I love those pics! I love it that Joshua was so sweet to Logan when he got home from school today - like he didn't believe that Logan could possibly miss him! Once I told him that Logan cried after we got home from dropping him off this morning, he bent over backward to do whatever Logan wanted to do :)

Michelle said...

they look excited! I hope they have a wonderful year!

Lenae said...

Your boys are very cute! And I love that they were being sweet to each other. Mine are still tiny and are unfortunately in a phase where tormenting one another is usually the name of the game ;)

Capribythelake said...

I love those pictures, the boys look so handsome!